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Hardwood Floor Inlays -wood medallions -wood borders -wood panels.

Renaissance Floor inlays Eugene Klotz has won 10 National Awards 

     Inlay flooring designs, medallions borders and custom wood inlays.

  Renaissance Floor inlays is manufacturer of  wood floor:  medallions, panels, parquets, borders in wide variety of wood species.

Hardwood Floor Medallions Borders inlays


 We are manufacturers of hand cut inlays for hardwood floors to enhance hardwood floor inlays as decorative touch to plank flooring, hardwood parquets or even marble floors. Custom medallions, borders and panels are also made to match any laminate hardwood floor,available also as prefinished product. Our standard wood inlay floors medallions, borders, parquets and panels are displayed on further pages of this website, however apart from the standard patterns our best, Award Winning work evolves from Custom designed hardwood floors. It is our honor to create one of a kind medallion, panel, border, entire room or a house, as well as executing ideas of our clients to achieve that unique final result. Some of the standard patterns are often offered on sale. Please visit our “Sale Item” section for more details.


 Please visit our Marquetry page.    

Our in-lays in 7mm (1/4") thick sheets of various species hardwoods are hand cut on a scroll saw, followed by the painstaking process of assembling shaped ornaments. Such created compositions in forms of medallions, panels or borders are then press-glued on a thicker sheet of plywood. Roughly pre sanded and sealed panels are shipped as ready to install products. Overall thickness of panels is 3/4". The 1/4" thickness of all our in-lays maintain a sufficient wear surface to last at least for the next one hundred years. We have concluded that only by searching back to the original classical methods of making borders and medallions one can achieve these impressive results. For all oval, curved, and odd shaped panels, we offer router templates to use with a standard router. Making difficult installations seem like an easy, time saving task.

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